About company

«Shark Seafoods» – your global frozen fish supplier based in Tallinn, Estonia. Since many years, we have been serving our customers around the globe to deliver best products for the various needs. Our customers are: first hand importers, wholesalers, smokers, canners and supermarket chains.

Our mission is to become Nr. 1 frozen fish and seafood trading company in Baltics.

Our vision is to be a “one stop shop” supplier for our customers, through international purchasing and sales representatives’ global chain.

Our core values are: accuracy in documentation, quality assurance and flexibility in delivery means.
We are happy to offer frozen products from Estonia, Poland, UK, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Chile, China, Vietnam and New Zealand. Our purchasing experience and exclusive distribution contracts with leading producers guarantee our clients tailored frozen fish stocks at very competitive prices.

Shark Seafoods OÜ guarantees high efficiency in delivering any volumes of frozen fish species listed in “Products” section.

Our company is open for any partnership offers in terms of both fish imports to Estonia and exports of frozen local production and production of our partners to your market!

Looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership!

OÜ Shark Seafoods